Which of these problems are you suffering with?

starAre you a motivated man or woman who has worked hard to be successful in life but can’t enjoy it because you are suffering from chronic pain, health issues and want physical freedom again?

starAre you a driven man or woman wanting to get fit but you need guidance about where to start and how to do it?

starAre you a parent or grandparent that is out of shape, unable to get up and down off the floor or play with your family and you want to be able to create memories you will cherish together?

starAre you financially successful but as your bottom line grew so did your waist line and you want to get your health and vitality back? 

star  Are you a person whose work has taken a toll on your health and life balance and its time to get the quality of life you deserve by learning to master your eating habits and physical strengths?softball-men


starAre you a former athlete but you’ve lost focus, been banged up or broken, fallen out of shape so you can’t play the sports you love anymore and you want the path to be powerful and athletic again?

So you answered YES to one or more of these questions then that makes you a perfect client for Holy Fit!  Contact me for your free consultation now!

Reach me by cell at 403-477-2559, by email at Ally@holyfit.ca or come and see me in person at the gym.

Intention and commitment are two very different things, these are both part of the 5 Steps to Achieving Success .  These 5 Steps are key to the success of all of the members of the Holy Fit Family.  Let’s celebrate your success one step at a time, one pound at a time, one good choice at a time.

Contact me and get started today.

Allyson Hill 403-477-2559 or Ally@holyfit.ca

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Group Training


Group Training times – maximum of 4 people per group


Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings at 1030am

Seniors Groups

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1130am  (additional group times are available)


Monday to Thursday at 130pm


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 5pm


“The benefits of Group training far exceed the results I expected when I started doing groups.  The dynamic we  have together of playfulness and encouragement combined with hard work is one of the most fun parts of my day.  Those who are your training partners were complete strangers that met in a group and ended up forging new and unexpected friendships and support groups.  Some clients are friends who joined together and bond even closer than they expected by pushing each other to new levels while unlocking their untapped potential.  It is a blessing to be a part of this in peoples lives.  This joyous energy is why I live a life of such passion for what I do and love to share it so much.”   Allyson Hill

  Thank you all Holy Fit Family

To be a part of the Holy Fit Success crew and share in this joy and passion of a healthy lifestyle, then reward yourself and contact me by cell at 403-477-2559 or by email at Ally@holyfit.ca